Nobel Recruitment Joins We Love SaaS as a Community Partner

Today, I’m happy to share that we’ve officially teamed up with Nobel Recruitment as our new Community Partner at We Love SaaS! We’re always looking for ways to enrich our community and better support our members, and this partnership is a big win.

Based in Amsterdam, Nobel has built a talent pool in Sales, Customer Success, Marketing, and Product since 2017. They’ve worked with many members of the We Love SaaS community, and we’re very happy to have them join as a Community Partner. Over the past few years, I’ve been in touch with Nobel quite often, and now we’ve decided to join forces.

What this means is that the Nobel team will be present at various We Love SaaS events throughout the year. What I particularly appreciate is their active role in supporting the local SaaS community. A great example is their initiative, the SaaS Awards, an annual award show to celebrate successful SaaS talents.

If you’d like to learn more about Nobel, visit their website or simply attend one of our events. Chances are big you’ll bump into one of the Nobel team members!

Johan de Wit

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