New partnership: Instant 27001

We’re happy to announce a new partnership between We Love SaaS and Instant 27001, aimed at making ISO 27001 certification more manageable for our community members.

Johan de Wit, founder of We Love SaaS points out, “For SaaS companies, ISO 27001 is becoming crucial, especially for those aiming to partner with larger customers. We’ve noticed that the path to getting this certification can be tough and resource-intensive. That’s why our collaboration with Instant 27001 is such a valuable addition. They offer a simpler, more efficient way to tackle this certification.”

Maurice Pasman, the founder of Instant 27001, champions a straightforward and cost-effective approach. With their method, you’re already a step ahead in the ISO 27001 process, minus the need for prior training.

What makes Instant 27001 stand out is its tailor-made solution for SaaS companies. It includes clear guides, essential documents, and a thorough risk assessment, all finely tuned to the daily workings of a SaaS company. This means you’re not starting from zero. Also, it integrates well with platforms like Confluence or Microsoft 365.

Learn more about Instant 27001.

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