Introducing LinQhost as our new Community Partner

I’m excited to welcome LinQhost as our new Community Partner at We Love SaaS!

Last year, we noticed that while we covered a lot of business topics, we didn’t focus enough on technology. To address this, we introduced more tech topics at our events, including the Dev Lounge, a special meeting for CTOs and tech leaders in SaaS at the SaaS Summit Benelux. Finding a partner who could bring valuable tech insights to our community was important, and partnering with LinQhost is a great achievement.

LinQhost provides managed hosting services specifically designed for SaaS companies, offering a variety of hosting and infrastructure solutions. What really stands out about LinQhost, though, is how well they fit with our culture at We Love SaaS. From our very first call, I was impressed by their genuine approach to helping our community. Robert van den Berg, the founder of LinQhost, will be actively involved in We Love SaaS events, connecting and sharing knowledge with our members. From our first conversation, it was clear that we share the same vision for serving the Benelux SaaS community by sharing knowledge to help build better companies.

To find out more about the services LinQhost offers to SaaS companies, please visit their website at LinQhost.

Johan de Wit

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