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Instant 27001 helps companies implementing ISO 27001 in just a few weeks. Simple, efficient, and affordable.

You will start the implementation with 80% of the work already done, no prior experience or training necessary.

Why ISO 27001?

Implementing ISO 27001 makes sure your company has a clear understanding about the key assets, the risks they are exposed to, and the controls necessary to protect them. Holding an ISO 27001 certification increases your credibility and builds stakeholder trust. Not surprisingly, ISO 27001 is increasingly required by large companies and governments.

Additionally, it can also help you to comply with GDPR, NIS 2 or DORA.

Simple, efficient, and affordable

ISO 27001 is no longer the domain of large companies, tedious documents, and lengthy implementation processes with expensive consultants. Instant 27001 helps you to implement ISO 27001 independently. In just a few weeks, you prepare yourself for certification.

Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with your existing Confluence or Microsoft 365 environment, making information exchange a breeze.

Specifically designed for SaaS companies

Instant 27001 contains everything you need to implement ISO 27001. This includes clear explanations and instructions, audit-ready policy documents, procedures, and even a complete risk assessment.
All provided examples are relevant to the daily practice of a SaaS company, so instead of re-inventing the wheel, you only need to dot the i’s.

While Instant 27001 was designed as a DIY approach, we offer various support packages to assist you along the way.

Start with confidence. We have already helped over a thousand companies like yourself!


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